Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 26, 2002

Serious Decisions

So I’ve come into a little bit of money. Very little, like 50 Euros, which is about 50 US, or like 70 Canadian. Not a great deal of money, but just enough to treat myself. Which was the point of me getting the money in the first place. It’s birthday money and I think it’s only appropriate for me to spend it. So there.

Of course, now that I have it, I need to decide what to spend it on. I was looking through my beauty wish list, thinking I could spend it on products. But then I was thinking I could use it to go to a salon and treat myself to a massage or body wrap.

There’s also the possibility of using the money for home improvement. I’m big on this idea right now because we went to IKEA yesterday (M did let me buy a thing or two, just because it was cute!) and got a bright orange rug for the bathroom (trust me, it works). So I’ve got the decorating bug. At IKEA we saw place settings (aka dishes) in reasonably priced sets. I have to confess I was torn. At present we use dishes that were graciously donated by M’s family here, but they don’t match. The bowls don’t match the sacuers and we haven’t a tea setting to save our lives. Is this important in life? Some would say no. I would say yes.

I had my china pattern picked when I was 16 years old (Royal Dalton, Sarabande – White with a black pattern close to the edge and the silver around the edge. Formal, but me.). When I moved into by first place on my own, my mother (wise women that she is) bought me a charming set of dishes in my favourite blue with fish painted on them. I miss my fish, and my cups and tea pot and matching egg holders. I know that it is ridiculous to carry plates across the atlantic, but my stuff was cool.

So here I am. Living here for an indefinite amount of time and wanting to get some dishes I’d be proud to eat off of. Of course we live in limited space and we never really know what’s next. Does it make sense to purchase something like plates? At the same time, even though one cannot know how permanent things are, does that mean one should always live as though things are temporary? Is it wrong to commit to china? Am I thinking about this WAYYYYY too much?



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