Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 26, 2002


So today I got cranky mail for the first time in my brief writing carrer. No it wasn’t from someone complaining about my spelling (anyone stumped about a birthday present for me could buy me Blogger pro, with spell checker and save everyone some pain), but from a grumpy British guy. He wrote it to my editor, which is fine and he tried to take me down, point for point, which might have worked had any of his points been correct. The basic gist is that said man is bitter that I write to a North American audience. Yes I know there are British expats in Prague, but the differences between North American an British journalism are such that I’d have to write two totally different articles. So today I don’t like British people. I’m thinking of starting a campaign to have Canada leave the commonwealth, just because I’m spiteful. The most irritating part is that this man was addressing me by my first name in the letter. Maybe I’m from the old school of manners, but when you are addressing or referencing someone in the written form and you do not know them, you address them formally. Aka Mr or Ms. But no, Mr. Grumpy addressed me as Chelsea (spelling it wrong once, and he calls himself British), adding insult to his reactionary and ill-planned arguments. Snotty-ass pretentous loser.

There, now I feel better. Other than that, I’ve been having an okay day. I had one of those mornings where getting dressed was going to be an issue, and it was. 5 outfits later I made it out the door. We finished Buffy season 2 last night and I really think that I hate Xander. He’s just a big ID walking around saying only need/want things. M says I don’t like him because he’s the most real of any character. I just don’t like him becuase he’s a mouthy jerk. A shameless mouthy jerk. I guess that makes him like a lot of people in the real world, which I’m sure is why I’m a misanthrope. At least towards the British.



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