Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 23, 2002

Full moon, empty head

No wonder I feel so wacky today. It’s a full moon tonight. Look out fo warewolves (sp?). I’m thinking I used up all my blogging words yesterday, which would explain why I can’t think of anything to say today. Tomorrow it will be a month to my birthday. It’s on a Tuesday. I know it’s not possible, but my birthday always seems to be on a Tuesday. I remember it being on a Saturday a couple of years ago, and crazy friday night with Mike, Jason, Andrew and a Barney shaped ice cream cake (caaaakke). Maybe it just seems like every day is Tuesday. Like the Smiths song, but with a different day and no Morrissey. Of course, I was born on a friday and you all know what that means… The full moon is making me wacky and I’m making no sense.



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