Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 22, 2002

More votes

Apparently I shouldn’t be discounting the Tomato Red Streaks option as another vote has come in for it. A rather flattering and convincing argument from a friend of Andrew’s stated that “you shouldn’t discount bright tomato red streaks without trying it first. It’s clearly the coolest option mentioned.” He then suckered me in with “bright tomato red highlights? They could only be pulled off by someone with confidence, with coolness–a touch of punk edginess mixed with sophication.”

Sure I’ve never been punk, but I’ve spent my time in Gothville and they’re not such distant neighbours. Granted the punks always threw crap on the artfully manicured victorian Goth front lawns, but we all agreed that it was better than the preppy suburbs. The vote ended with a very punk persuasion trick of accusing me of being old ” Plus, it’s something that you can only do while you’re young enough to be able to pull off attitude. Unless you’re saying that you’re too middle aged, which of course is perfectly understandable.”

Sigh. I can just imagine the look of horror on my mother’s face, my sister telling me it’s totally cool and my father telling me I look like an idiot. Good thing they all live 6000 km away. Of course tomato red is a serious test of cool. Am I up for it?



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