Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 22, 2002

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver…

I was trying to think of a lullaby last night and could only remeber one verse of one my mother used to sing to me (called Pigeion House) and felt like I was getting old. As I was trying to recall songs of my youth I remember this song we used to sing in school called Land of the silver birch, which was your basic nature loving native song. Has a lovely melody though. It made me really want to go camping or canoeing and see trees and rocks. I guess as much as I embrace Europe, I’ll always be a nature lovin’ Canadian inside.

That and beavers are like, the coolest animal. When M and I were at the Alpin Zoo in Innsbruck I spent most of my time just watching all the beavers in their mini habitat. They rock. I’m not an environmentalist, but the only time I got mad at my parents, like openly, was when my father bought my mother a Linda Lundstrom (it a chi chi older Canadian ladies thing) coat that had beaver pelt lining around the hood. I’m not anti-fur, or anti-leather, but I think it’s pretty cool that technology is such that we can create synthetic fibres that keep us just as warm as animal skins do, so that nothing needs to die.

I guess it just came down to the fact that I really like beavers. Minks, all they do is breed, cows deplete the ozone layer with their flatuence and are kind of dumb animals (they make me laugh hysterically though) but beavers, they do stuff. The build dams and saturate the soil, they work hard and are pretty independent. I like to think that if any animal were to adopt a social system that the beaver would adopt capitalism.

My affection for beavers aside, this wasn’t actually the point of my blog (I like penguins too). I’m very happy that my native land (home of the beaver) is on the brink of being free from the so-called leadership of megelomaniac J.C. I can only hope that someone exists in Canada that can actually lead the country. Odds are on Paul Martin, which I guess is the lesser of most evils. He’s a Liberal (that’s the name of the party as well as the ideology for US readers), but he has an inkling of fiscal responsibility and doesn’t appear to be crazy. Of course, I’m talking about politicians here. Crazy is pretty much in the job description.



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