Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 21, 2002


I’m having a hair debate. I haven’t had a haircut since April. Sin, I know. Even more so for a beauty snob like myself, but my hair is such that it can go months without a cut and the ends stay in good shape. Finally, after 4 months the shape of my cut needs some work (for those who’ve never seen me, my hair is straight, brown, long and layered). I’ve been a good spender this month in that I’ve spent a lot less than I usually do (yesterday’s shopping aside) so I’m thinking of indulging in a little colour.

I don’t need to colour my hair, and I often get compliments on having such a nice natural colour. During my University days I tended to channel my life choices through my hair. So much so that when I’d show up with something different people would ask “so what’s up now?” It took me a good 3 years to grow out the remaining red from my summer of “I can be a redhead too” (no I can’t). The remains of that summer were cut off in April and now I want to trot off to the salon and have highlights put in. Am I mad? Positively. But I need the help of my friends. I need to know if I should highlight red or blond? There’s more red in my hair naturally, but there is blond too, so I can go either way.

So I place the two colouring options in the ring and lower the cage. Let me know what you think. Colours take your corners and FIGHT!



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