Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 16, 2002

Get your aid on

I know this is mixing work and pleasure, but this is also important and, well, my job. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in helping out Czech schools and libraires affected by the flood, read on:

The Prague Post Flood Relief Fund for Schools & Libraries

The Prague Post and the Prague Post Endowment Fund are pleased to announce the establishment of a flood relief fund for schools and libraries in flood-damaged communities.

Funds will be used to aid school and community libraries damaged or destroyed by the recent floods. Grants will be given to individual preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools and community libraries with a priority on restocking books and rebuilding damaged structures.

The Prague Post and the Prague Post Endowment Fund have been committed to supporting long-term investment in education in the Czech Republic since 1992. Please join us today.

Contributions can be made to the following bank account:

Account #: 179138148/0300

Bank: CSOB, a.s.

Branch: Jungmannova 15, Praha 1


For more information, e-mail us at:

This is Wendy’s baby and I have to say I’m pretty happy to be working with her on this one. We’re going to give the money directly to the schools, keeping the state out of it so that we can be sure the money gets there. Not to rag on the state (which I usually do with glee), but by it’s nature it has to syphen off some money to cover costs. We’re small, and our costs are covered by other programs we run, so it’s very easy to have transparency. Also we get to help out schools, which I think are pretty important.

Of course if books aren’t your game, and you want to help, check out this page for a list of organizations.



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