Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 16, 2002

Flood update

Not very snappy, but informative.

From Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Radio)

The mayor of Prague Igor Nemec has warned the inhabitants of evacuated districts not to return to their homes before they are declared safe. Two four storey houses in the flooded district of Karlin collapsed early on Thursday causing concern over potential casualties. Rescue workers searching the area , said no one appeared to have been hurt in the incident since the houses had been standing empty, slated for demolition. The authorities are now worried about the state of other flood damaged buildings whose inhabitants might have disregarded the evacuation order and remained in their homes.

News that makes me happy…

The London based Economic Intelligence Unit has issued the first overall estimate of the damage caused by the floods in southern and central Bohemia, putting the number at two billion US dollars or 64 billion Czech crowns. The report says that although the damage wrought by the floods is enormous it need not adversely affect the country’s economic growth.

And Ew….

A third degree chemical alert was called in the north Bohemian town of Neratovice on Thursday following a leak of poisonous chlorine gas from the flood damaged Spolana chemical factory. The inhabitants of the town were ordered off the streets and warned to keep their windows closed. Chemical experts who measured the amount of chlorine in the air for several hours said evacuation would not be necessary since the amount measured was not considered a health risk. Chlorine is deadly to humans in high concentrations and was used as a chemical weapon in World War One. Greenpeace activists have expressed concern about possible contamination of the river Elbe if poisonous dioxins and 250,000 kg of mercury stored at the Spolana chemical plant should leak.

I’m still dry, and quite fine. Actually slept the last few nights (yay) and I had sushi.



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