Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 15, 2002

Ain’t no mountain high enough…

Keeping in line with Kari’s “songs involving measurements of height” theme (I am so bitter she used “Gonna be startin’ somthing” before I did) here is today’s entry.

We didn’t lose power last night. I just got off IM because Mike didn’t respond to my frist message and I waited and then figured he was busy with that “work” stuff that he seems to be doing so much of these days. So nothing deadly going on in that department. It’s another sunny day. The flood waters have receeded up to 1.5 meters in some places. Yay. Still many of the Metro stations are totally flooded (one very near my house) and I’m sure the yellow line (B) won’t be up and running for a long time. Which isn’t so bad for me, but bad for many people who rely on the yellow line (the longest metro line in the city). All it really means for me is that if I want to go to Ikea sometime soon, I’ll have to get M to drive me, which means I won’t be able to buy as much. Apparently the rationale of “because it’s cute” doesn’t work on him when I’m shopping for the apartment.

More stores are open today and I’ve received lots of emails from people in Canada asking if I’m drowning or dying in the “death floods.” Really, we’re not faking this calm. Yes the floods are tragic, but people are safe and that’s the important thing. Most of the city has power, so keep a critical eye on the international media. They did this during IMF as well. It really wasn’t portrayed the way it happened. I expect the same of the NATO summit in November.

One really scary thing about the flood is all the chemicals that have spilled into the river. Several major chemical companies have been flooded, so it’s safe to say that I won’t be swimming in the river any time soon. Ick. Then there are issues of sewage and water treatment. Glad I’m a mineral water drinker and that the britta is working well.



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