Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 13, 2002

The water is wide… I cannot cross ore…

I bet that “ore” is spelt differently and that I’ve made some sort of strange metallurgy joke. Anywho, the river is cresting. Breaking the banks. The Metros are shutting down. Things are generally pretty wet. However, M, Oscar, Zeus and I are quite comfy. We still have power, lots of food, and movies to watch. While my heart goes out to the people who have been evacuated, I’m counting myself as pretty lucky today.

And the river is still getting higher. It’s shocking to see it all on TV. Water has made its way to the streets of Karlin, and Kari just sms’ed me as she was crossing the bridge on her way home (what was she thinking!) that the water level is very high. That bridge I was talking about in the previous blog in Pisek, is presently submerged, so should the Charles bridge survive, it will have the trophy of oldest bridge in Eastern Europe.

The news just gave a great window for when the flood is going to culminate. Between 1 and 7 am… great. Also, the soring crown in now crashing again in the markets, thanks to the flood, meaning that I’m not making as much money as I was yesterday. Currency trading blows sometimes…

Will try to keep everyone posted. Fret not, we will be fine, Prague will eventually be fine and maybe the flood will take some of those tacky models of the bridge with it in its wake.



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