Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 13, 2002

Rollin’ on a river

Just wating for the locusts here. M just called me from home to inform me that we are among the lucky who aren’t being evacuated. I knew there were advantages to living on higher ground. Tragically, a great many hotels and restaurants on the river bank are getting soaked. My mother always loved this area just under the Charles bridge, which she affectionately called “Little Venice” for the canal system. That’s under water now.

The big flood wave is due at 2 pm. It’s going to double the speed of the river, which is already coming along at a pretty quick clip, and total a lot of beautiful scenery and investments. The police are about the blow up a boat that wasn’t moved. It’s huge and it’s a restaurant. The worry is that when the big wave comes it’s going to break from its mooring and slam into the Charles Bridge (The second oldest bridge in Eastern Europe – The oldest is in a Czech town called Pisek (translates to Sand) and is apparently all there is to see there) destroying a big part of the Prague economy and beauty. So the explosion should be fun.

While I’m at work, doing very little, the police are broadcasting on these public PA systems that the communists (or Nazis) installed to tell the public horrible things. So every 5 mintues I hear an air raid siren then this somber Czech man informing everyone of the big wave that’s on its way. The worst thing is that my depraved mind keeps on making jokes. Like when I hear the air raid siren I think of Mel Brooks in Spaceballs responding to the sirens on Spaceball 1 with “What is this? Paris?.” Declasse I know. And all morning I’ve had Proud Mary in my head, which, for the less mucially inclined is also known as “Rollin’ on a river.” I haven’t started dancing like Tina Turner… yet.

It’s rumoured that the power is going to go out soon, and that the GSM networks will crash. M and I went food shopping last night and amazingly enough there was lots of food to be found. Very little hysteria. In Cesky Krumlov there’s apparently nothing left in the stores. Happily he have lots of batteries, candles and books.



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