Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 12, 2002

My first flood

Not the same as those “my frist rollerskates” things, my first flood is starting now. I’ve been through Tornados, a Hurricane, many blizzards, thunderstorms while in a boat in the water, hail and seen a volcano (granted not while it was exploding, but just bubbling). This is my first flood, and I’m a little nervous. I’ve lived most of my life on a lake, which does flood a little in the spring, and the waves sometimes erode the waterfront, but never a river flood, with the gushing water, ripping past you, washing you away to a watery grave.

Prague is ready to be washed over with floods, the likes of which haven’t been seen since 1890. The Vltava river is flooding. People in the south of the country are dying and others (who aren’t dead) are being evacuated. The best part… it’s apparently not going to stop raining until friday. Glad I live on the 3rd floor, though I may have to invest in some rubber boots. Very glad I’m not living in the vally anymore, but would presently like to be on the top of a mountain or something like that.

I’m about to head to the store to do some shopping, which should be much like trying to drive out of NYC when godlizza is in town. Wish me luck…



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