Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 12, 2002

Getting there

Well, after travelling some 6000 km, I’m home again. Home in the Prague sense of the word. I think I’m going to have to give up on the idea of home actually being a geographic location and accept that home is just where your cat is. I’m back at work too. Ticking off items on my to do list, blogging when I should be making phone calls appealing for money or writing about this week’s survival topic “Dental Care.”

At the airport in Dorval, Mum and Dad ever so kindly loaded me up with reading materials for the flight back, which was no where near as nice as the flight to Canada. Yes, business class makes a difference. And why am I always paired with the nice older lady who doesn’t know how to use her seat belt. Not that I minded helping, but I just find it strange that this is the fourth time I’ve been sitting next to someone like this on a plane. Anyway, I scored the most recent Entertainment Weekly (a guilty pleasure), Martha Stewart Living (a wake up call to make sure I don’t turn into that. M laughed at me when I said I wanted to make sand candles. He’s very healthly for me) and the last Douglas Adams book “The Salmon of Doubt.” I started it yesterday and I’m more than half done. I was deeply saddened by his death last year as he was one of the only writers who could mix science-fiction, comedy and philosophy with sucess. It’s a book made up of works that were found on his computer after his death. The selections were chosen by his surviving familiy and agent and are a real joy to read. Part of me is afraid to finish it, because it means that it’s the end for my favourite author. Of course I can go on reading authors like Neil Gaiman or Terry Prachett, but none of them will be Mr. Adams, none of them will make me giggle in that unrestrained way.



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