Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 5, 2002


It’s midnight here, and I’m not going to sleep any time soon. Why? I just got back from watching the movie Signs. I get scared in movies sometimes, I’ve been known to cover my eyes rather than see something gory, but I don’t think that in all my time of movie watching, I’ve screamed in terror at a movie. Until now.

Know that I am not an avid scary movie buff. I like action movies and science fiction, where the bad guys usually dissolve rather than gross me out. I spent most of Blade 2 covering my eyes, as it was damn icky, and not something I need saved in my visual memory.

I mention again that I screamed out loud, like, in an uncontrolable way. My friends beside me where laughing at me for most of the movie, being the scary movie veterans that they are. My muscles are so totally tense.

I’m still trying to digest if it was actually a good film. It was shot in the usual M.K.S. style, where visuals you would normally trust in a film, like an artistic pan across a living room, or pulling back to show the background of a scene, become your enemy. As though he (the director) is saying “I’m going to show you something that’s going to scare you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Often the camera rests on a shot before you become aware of the scary content. There are not enough lights on in my house right now. For the first time I agree with M on the notion that my parents house is a damn scary place. Especially (sp?) now. I know that there is nothing but an expanse of dark space behind my head right now and it’s all I can do to just type. M is going to need to be sedated to see this one. He almost bruised my leg from grabbing it so hard during The Sixth Sense. We are not scary movie people.

Which is why M.K.S. movies are so bittersweet. Really great films, cleverly written and a truly entertaining veiwing expereince. You can see that this guy adores his films. He’s a real auter (sp?, again, to scared to spell), writing, directing and producing his own films. And he’s done something I truly admire in that he’s making the films he wants to make and being hugely successful. His films are good and his success is well deserved. Someone said to me this weekend when I told them about my film school issues that “walking into film school and saying you want to make action/sci-fi films for the mass market is like walking into music school and saying you want to write film scores.” Good amibitions in my mind, but blasphemous in the eyes of flim and music snobs alike.

It’s 6 days until I go back home to Prague (I love how I have to designate where home is). I’m looking forward to it. Canada is nice, but it’s been really crazy. It’s been wonderful seeing friends and family, but I feel like the smile I’m wearing is going to crack off my face. I miss my home and my boys (M, Zeus and Oscar) and I’m sure when I get home, I’m going to miss my family and Canada friends. I’ll never get this right.

Okay, now one of my parents cats is scaring me. This is so totally not a night I want to be sleeping alone. Did I mention how creepy this house is?



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