Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 1, 2002

Retail Therapy

While yesterday started off gloomy and glum, it was quickly fixed by some shopping. Not window shopping or grabbing an item or two, but a huge diva worthy haul of clothes. New pants (long pants that actually fit me!), new tops, some skirts (a denim skirt that, again, actually fits me), a sweater and a new purse. All of this purchased at three stores within the same strip mall or shopping plaza or whatever you call them. Blessings to the creators of Winners, Jacob and Old Navy. Yay for stores where I’m not the biggest size, where pants don’t make me look like there’s a flood in progress, and where things are damn affordable. Bring these stores to the CR, get me satellite TV and I’m a happy, happy, well dressed, woman.

I’m about to head off for my first dive of my vacation. We’re going to be diving on one of my favourite wrecks. It’s called the comet and it’s an old paddle wheeler.Very fun. It’s a great wreck to do handstands and summersaults off of.

My father has just commented that my growing knee problems are a result of wearing bad shoes. I’m suddenly seeing myself in birkenstocks again…

Yikes, I’m going to get my teeth cleaned today. I watched Harry Potter twice yesterday, and 2 eps of Star Trek TNG. Weee.



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