Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 29, 2002

Gonna be alright

I’m not feeling too verbose or philisophical, but I have this wonderful feeling inside of me that I’m okay and I will continue to be okay. It’s really quite cool.

I’m about to head off on vacation for 12 days, which is going to be really nice. Swimming, hanging out with my parents, taking care of myself and singing a lot I think.

The future is full of possibilties and the knowledge of that is what makes things alright.

That and the scene from Men in Black II where K puts his finger in the small alien world and they all run screaming “All is lost, all is lost!” I don’t know why, but I find that really funny. It makes me belly laugh.

Sometimes in moments of turmoil you really discover how much love you have in you, and today I fell like I have so much I might burst at the seams. Sorry for being so mushy, but I really love life. Just wanted to get that out and give the seams some relief.



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