Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 19, 2002

Again funny because it’s true

From The Onion

Horrible Band Obviously Not Listening To Its Influences

SAN DIEGOÑ Puddle Of Mudd, a dreary nŸ-metal rock band that cites Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Metallica as influences, is obviously not listening to those influences. “Zep, Sabbath, Metallica, Maiden, AerosmithÑgrowing up, that’s what we listened to, and that’s what shaped our sound,” said lead singer Wes Scantlin, whose mopey, monotone vocals in no way bear the stamp of Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, or his other idols. Scantlin, who made the comments during an interview Monday with Spin reporter Charles Aaron, failed to say which part of Puddle Of Mudd’s atrocious new ballad “Drift & Die” resembles “When The Levee Breaks” or “Sweet Emotion.”

Sometimes there’s new music and it’s good. Sometimes there are new bands playing really crap versions of music you’ve heard before and sometimes there are bands that should be abused and then killed with the very instruments they play. That last sentence is why M is the music critic and I’m not. First against the wall when the revolution comes… that Chad guy from Nickleback (though I have to confess that I like that song from Spiderman). So wrapped up in his own post-grunge navel gazing that he actually gave an interview to MTV about how is new single is also inspired by the same dysfunctional relationship that spawned the collective-stupidity-of-the-world-affirming song “You Remind Me.” Even worse, he names the girl who he had said dysfunctional relationship with. Dude, I would sue. Further more, who the &%#$ even cares. Silence him, please. He goes on in the interview to talk about how people should really go out and get the really early Nickleback CD, where you can really hear that “Seattle sound.” Apparently the early songs were more genuine rip-offs of a genre dead and gone.

Of course I write this listening to the Sophie Ellis-Bextor CD. The hypocrite pants fit really nice…



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