Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 17, 2002

Blog words

Words that contain with word blog –

Blogathon – which is apparently coming up, though I have no idea how it works

Blogclog – something that happens to my blog when it doens’t generate pages properly or when there are too many people using blogger

Blogtastic – okay, I made that one up.

Also in resonse to M’s WTC blog today. All I can say is that it made me exclaim outloud “I love Matt.” To which my boss replied “Well, yeah… you are dating him.” The first 6 proposals for the new WTC were unveiled today (or yesterday, I’m having time zone issues), each containing a memorial park. Waste of wonderful Manhattan space is one thing, but most of these designs were totally uninspired and lacked any drive towards innovation or progress. It’s rather disappointing, as I would hope that something as great as the WTC would be replaced by something awe inspiring and great.

I was somewhat disgusted by some of the comments from this NY Times article, where people were complaining that the new designs, uninspired as they are, seemed to only have economic value at steak… Duh. Do any of these people think that the people who died in that buliding, who worked there to make money would approve of wasting such valuable commercial space? No, they’d be the first people fighting it. Let these people be remembered by great deeds and prosperity.



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