Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 16, 2002


M’s mother arrived from Canada yesterday. She’s a very very cool lady who I’ve really become attached to. Which is a good thing, yes? Anyway, she always brings us the neatest things, so today I’m happy because I have new toys. The coolest of which is the light up mirror, that operates on a controlled spring, so when I press the button on the front, the mirror cover opens kind of like a convertable roof. The cover then moves behind the mirror to act as a stand. All of this from pressing a single button. I truly am easily amused.

On the topic of toys and youth, I was thinking about what I miss most about summer in Canada and I realized it was running through sprinkers. I haven’t done it in about 12 years, of course. I remember walking home from shcool in June and I’d always do my best to get caught in as many as I could. That all stopped when I started wearing make-up. I also remember my slip-n-slide. I really sucked at that. I was basically afraid to hurt myself by flinging myself on the ground, so I never really had much momentum. I also sucked at controlling the direction of my body so invariably I would get off course and end up on the grass. I was, however, very good at swimming, building forts, swinging and dismantling phones (my parents were not so happy about this skill).



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