Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 15, 2002

Back on the chain gang…

Really no one quotes The Pretenders enough. Indeed I am back frm Budapest. I brought my laptop with me in the hope that I might be able to connect and do some remote blogging, but alas my hotel wasn’t really equipped that way. It was a nice hotel. “Faded elegance” was a descripton that a friend of SuperWendy gave me and it was pretty much correct. I think my favourite part was when the molding above the balcony fell during the really cool thunderstorms. That and the really militant pool elevator lady who actually made time run faster than it runs, by stating that it was in fact 6:30 and I couldn’t go down to the pool. I found this puzzling as when I returned to my room after trying to break into the pool area (I really wanted to swim) that my clock read 6:30. Isn’t it great how time is so subjective.

I discovered that staying in a hotel room by myself actually makes me crazy. With nothing to watch on TV but CNN and BBC I became increasingly depressed. The video channel was showing the Love Parade from Berlin, which really isn’t entertaining to watch at all. I pretty much went insane on Saturday night. All logic and reason went right out the window. I don’t think I’ve been in a state like that before. I’m pretty good with being alone too. I think I understand why business travellers are such unhappy people. A big part of my meltdown was that I hadn’t eaten or really slept well. It was too hot to sleep and the World Bank didn’t arrange a dinner for that night and we were left on our own to feed ourselves. I made it halfway across the bridge into Buda (or Pest, I’m really not sure) and was so scared I had to turn back. The city was just so overwhelmingly big to me and so totally strange. I had a chocolote bar for dinner. Anyone who knows me knows that if I’m getting hysterical it means that I’m hungry and sleepy. It’s been this way since I was a baby. It’s taken me until today to get all of this upset out of my system. And I’m feeling much better now.

Travelling first class was pretty kick ass though. The private sleeper car on the way there was neat, except for the nine thousand times they woke me up to check my passport. The trip back was during the day and on an Euro City train, which meant it was pretty sweet. Air Conditioning and everything. The passport checks were a little less irritating, save the Czech boarder guard doing the usual performance of looking at my visa, turning it around, flipping the pages, staring at it some more, hmming and haing and when passing it back to me. One of the people I was sharing the compartment said to me “What did you do?” My response “I was just born Canadian…”

It’s nice to be a home, if only for two weeks. In about 15 days I go to my other home in Canada for 12 days. It’s going to be nice to be home, even though I really hate the travelling part. I love seeing new things and places, but I really hate the actual travel part of travelling. I love having a home and having a routine. There’s something very comforting about it.

Kari has gone to LA to have Mogwai removed. Hopefully she’ll be smart and not blog for awhile after the surgery. Of course we’ll all know if she’s breaking the rules. She sent me an sms this at four o’clock this morning, telling me that I was totally welcome to use her cable TV while she’s away. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a chance to do “Come on Baby” Tae Bo.



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