Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 10, 2002

The sleep of reason…

So last night I got drunk. (wow am I ever glad I sent my blog URL to my mom yesterday). Not drooling English football hooligan drunk, but inebriated enough to have a headache when I woke up this morning. M and I had dinner with a Prague friend who’s taking off to Moscow on Saturday. We went out for drinks after and I had several ciders at an Irish pub no less. We had a good night in all fact. We met a really nice guy from New York who writes for the Wall Street Journal who complimented us on TPP when he overhead us talking about it. He was really cool. He’s writing a book about baseball and “the shot heard round the world” which apparnently has a different meaning to 85% of American men than its traditional meaning of the beginning of the American Revolution. Who knew. It’s all about the ’51 NY Giants and their amazing run to the championship, and how they may or may not have legitmately earned it. I just did a google search for his name and found piles of stuff. Very interesting and cool.

Back to the sleeping thing. Among the many things I hate about drinking is the fact that I never really sleep if I’ve been drinking. It’s not restful at all. It’s more like passing out than resting and it happens when I drink the smallest amounts of alcohol. I also hate the taste of alcohol and really only enjoy drinks that totally mask the existence of it. Then there’s the headaches that I get from wine. There are rare moments when I feel like having a glass of wine, but those are rare. There’s a lot of pressure to drink, everywhere. Sometimes I give in becuase it’s easier, and when I’ve stuck to my guns and been stubborn about it, people have backed off. It’s really hard to get people to understand that I don’t generally enjoy drinking, especially in this country. It’s like an insult to your host to not drink. Of course, what I don’t get is since when are the wishes of the host more important than those of the guest? Baffling. It’s something that’s always confused me. Why do hosts and guests alike play into this silly game of doing things that neither party wants to do. The host wants the guest to have a good time and feel comfortable, yet in an effort to please the host, the guest does things they do not enjoy or that makes them feel uncomfortable. Honestly people. This is ridiculous.



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