Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 9, 2002

Blowin’ in the Wind

Yep, that’s right. I have a fan. Sitting on my desk, pointed directly at my head, almost daring the 30+ degree heat to make me feel uncomfortable. Oh no, not me. I have my Honeywell classic.

Anyway, I was thinking out the fagility of the human body and the fact that all my close friends and loved ones are falling apart. M has some sort of, as yet unnamed, pinched nerve in his right shoulder, Kari has her mystery hand mass, Mogwai, Mike (who’s link vanishes if I code it in html, so use the link on the sidebar to view his blog) has become one with his back pain named Herold and Wendy’s leg tendons have conspired to give her a balloon like knee, also presently unnamed. Me? I haven’t had any Hector like problems in awhile, but as I was walking to Tesco to buy my uberFan I realized that for the first time in years I’m going to have long term health issues to discuss at my upcoming physical in Canada. Those issues being “Why can’t I put any weight on my right wrist?” and “Can I please have a new right knee?” I can walk, I can generally carry things and live my life, but I can’t run and I can’t do push ups. Which is really irritating since I was on a serious exercising kick for awhile there. Why are my joints falling apart at 25? I’m not impressed, to say the least. I loathe being limited. I’m also irritated, because I’m not in shape liked I’d hoped I’d be. Granted, not working out for over a month does nothing to help that. Something I blame myself for, but also my useless wrist for as well. I’m not fat, I’m not even chubby. I’m just not ass-kicking buff… yet.

I purchased my ticket for Budapest this morning and discovered that I am staying in the hotel that houses one of Budapest’s best spas. My friend Mona has told me that if I have even a moment of free time, I should go to the massage room (apparently hotel guests have a special elevator for the spa) and have a large hungarian woman beat the hell out of my body. With a description like that, who wouldn’t be lining up. A great deal of my stress about the trip has abated. Once I made up my mind to go, it all seemed pretty clear. It was a tough morning though. As I’m want to do when I’m stressed, I changed 4 times before I went to work, and sulked around the house. M gave me a good pep talk and proved again that he’s pretty good at handling me. Anyway, I’ve got my ticket, and I’ll be sleeping on a train for the first time (in a sleeper car I mean) and going on my first business trip.

Something rather funny just happened, which, thankfully I was the only one here to appreciate it. I’m alone in the office today, so I’m listening to a series of mixed CD’s I made for myself two christmases ago. They’re all a mish mash of songs that I just threw on dics, as I was enjoying the hayday of Napster and my father’s CD burner. As result, all of the CDs contain songs from the South Park movie. I wasn’t paying attention and let the CD I’m listening to play to the end. So for a few, thankfully brief, moments my office was flooded with Terrance and Phillip singing a song about their Uncle. I can move pretty quickly when I need to… Mike and M will appreciate the fact that earlier I was typing and boping to and fro listening to Flatbeat. If only I were a muppet.



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