Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 7, 2002

Only I could do this

So, it’s been a couple of days. A couple of sneeze filled, muscle aching, smoker cough kinds of days (and I don’t even smoke). Somehow, the girl who goes all winter without so much as a snifle (save my wonderfully timed New Years Eve cold, thanks to Mike and Dawn for the big comforting box of kleenex, btw), catches some sort of virus at the beginning of July. I know that bacteria speads in warmth, but this is silly. It always happens to me. I don’t understand why I’m more inclined to get sick in the summer than I am in the winter? Regardless of the reason, I am and I’m grumpy about it. I hate being sick as it’s such a total waste of time. I don’t have the energy to clean the house, which seriously needs to be done and M can’t do much because his back and arm have consipred against him in a plot of pain. We’re both in pretty bad form.

I saw Blade II on friday night. Mostly so I could play “what part of Prague is that.” A game you can play whilst watching Amadeus, Bourne Identity (Prague plays the part of Zurich), Hart’s War, the upcoming XXX and Shanghai Knights, to name a few. It was amusing at some parts, and I girl that was in M’s sketch comedy show is in the first part and dies somewhat gruesomely. I saw one of my favourite trams, and laughed really hard at the use of the Astrological Clock and Kris Kristopherson. Over all, the movie was hideous. I spent most of the time covering my eyes so that I wouldn’t have to see the horrific images on the screen, and that was just Wesley Snipes. The first Blade was interesting enough. Heck, it even had a plot. This one should be taken into the sunlight and burned. So very, very bad. I couldn’t help but think that I’d rather be watching Star Wars, which coincidentally, Kari and Wendy were thinking too.

I’m generally sharing Mike’s feelings that summer movies just aren’t what they could be. Spiderman was great, Star Wars was great (at least all the girls I know think so)m but what’s next? Lilo and Stich? I’ll have to catch that at home. Otherwise I’m just waiting to be scared out of my pants at Signs. I’m very much looking forward to christmas and The Two Towers and the final Star Trek Next Generation movie (can’t remember the name right now and I’m too tired to look), but movie wise that’s all I’m excited about.

I’ve realized that I hate watching dramas. Maybe it’s residual film school hatred, but generally, I’d rather spend my crowns watching sci-fi movies or musicals. Guess I really have no interest in being entertained by reality.



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