Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 3, 2002

Flip flops

See it’s a double entendre. I just bought a really cool pair of sandals (mules, so their not unlike flip-flops, save that there is no thong toe and these are leather) and I my stomach is presently doing them (flip-flops, that is). No, it’s not because my sandwhich was too big like yesterday it’s because I just suggested a new section for the paper that I freelance for. I proposed it in an email as I think I would have chuffed on my editor had I done it in person, and it gives him time to mull it over before talking to me about it.

Here’s some of what I said: It would be a monthly profile or Q&A with a salon or spa owner in the city. It would include some of their services, new treatments for body and hair, their ideas of what the next big trends are in cosmetics and/or hair. I think it could be really interesting and not just limited to women, as many salons in the area offer special packages and procedures for men.

I know I’d look forward to reading that as a consumer. Of course, this is TPP and not InStyle (wouldn’t it be cool if it was!) so it may not be of interest to our market and my skills will go unused. Or, even worse, my editor likes it and assigns it to another freelancer! I think I would cry. I know that’s not professional, and I wouldn’t cry at him, I’d just do it at home and develop an unrelenting hate for whoever is writing the section in lieu of me. Competative much? I just know that it’s something I would do with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I’ve always found the best work comes from that feeling.



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