Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 3, 2002


I actually posted yesterday… I swear. Blogger ate it and before I had time to remember what I was going to say or think of something else clever to comment on, I had to depart for an office party at an Italian restaurant. We had one of those upmty-course meals, which, in the middile of, I couldn’t help feeling like the fat guy in Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life. I was ready to ask for a bucket. Not becuase it was bad, but because there was just far too much food for me to comprehend. Italians really know how to feed you.

I got up nice and early today and trotted on down to the Foreigner’s Police to get my yearly dose of abuse and get my residency visa renewed. This time actually went pretty well. The staff was nice and pretty efficient. In fact, the worst part of it was the other foreigners. Apparently the crowding logic is alive and well all over the world. Of course I don’t blame them. It’s not an easy place to be relaxed in, however, anyone who was waiting at the office I was waiting at knew that they already has their Visa renewed. All the needed to do was pick it up. Why all the dramatics?



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