Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 30, 2002

Only in the Czech Republic

I had an interesting weekend. This morning I was actually so relaxed that raising my arms to put them on the lunch table was a whole lot of work. Anyway, M and I wend out to his father’s house about 35 km outside of Prague. You really don’t have to travel far to feel out of the city. It was a nice time. M and his Dad played a lot of Chess. I got through a book of Herodotus and had some beefsteak tar tar. Not too shabby. While I was reading The Histories, M commented that it must be really dull reading and doubted the vaildity of Herodotus being “the father of history,” as only M could. He did, smartly say, that it should be required reading for everyone. Which it incidentally was for me. I find it really interesting. I find the exploriation and expalination of the known world circa 460 B.C.E. really captivating. Far more interesting than most modern fiction (unless it has aliens or wizards). Part of me would love to be the kind of academic that could quote interesting sections of The Histories at really poignant moments. Unfortunately I only have that span of knowledge and understanding for the Star Wars universe. Someone from Queen’s should hunt me down, slap me and take my degree away.

Back to my story. Yesterday afternoon we went to a near by renaissance fair in M’s father’s pink 1957 Cadillac. Needless to say it gets some interesting looks in the country streets of the Czech Republic. It’s so fun to ride in. Especially when M’s Dad is playing some Elvis music. Sitting in the back of that car you can understand why so many parents were afraid of their kids getting into trouble. I’m almost six feet tall and I could easily lie down back there. In fact I fell asleep on the drive back from the fair (I think it was the sangria). These huge old American cars or nothing like the small cars of today. There’s, like, no room for maneuvering if the two parties involved are anything but small. Of course, I’m not talking from experience, merely speculation. (Tall girls + Japanese cars = something usually very ungraceful and unproductive).

Anyway, we went to this fair where they were doing a recreation of a medieval battle. M’s dad said there were like 6 guys last year and while it wasn’t a huge production, they fought well. This year, it was like a huge battle with like 3 factions. There were cannons and horses and lots of guys in armor crossing a river. It was cool. I’m not sure who won, but M pointed out that it was unlikely that they had someone doing play-by-play in the 12th Century. Also they wouldn’t have had a full musical score from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Episode I. I enjoyed myself though it seemed really surreal having driven there in a huge pink Cadillac.

Other than that the weekend was rather uneventful. I got to go swimming again, which was nice. Germany lost the world cup, which wasn’t as nice.



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