Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 28, 2002

Phasing out

I’m sitting here in my office while my co-workers are doing phone interviews with candidates for this scholarship program we offer. I’m just sitting here listening and for a moment or two, was phasing out of reality as this candidate was really dull, until he started talking about government involvement in tourism. That woke me up and made me a grumpy capitalist.

As Kari and M have said in their Blogs today, we all went to see The Morgan State University Choir, from Maryland (what the?), last night. I’m not religious, but there’s something very fun about the music. It’s a shame that it’s all about this god guy. They finished with my favourite gospel song (not like I know a lot of them), “O happy day.” I felt a little silly about singing along, but the harmonies and melodies are so lovely that I just had to. Its the same thing that makes me sing christmas carols.



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