Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 27, 2002

How it all smells

I’m sure it comes as no suprise to anyone that I’m a perfume whore. Given the whole obsession with make-up and being rather picky about how things smell it isn’t shocking that I have 8 perfumes I wear on a rotating basis. M has cut me off from buying any more, stating that “no one needs that many different perfumes.” Which may be true, but there is literally a pantheon of scents out there.

I’d thought that I’d found my personal scent last year when I discovered Gucci Rush, which is what I wear most days and have gone through serious amounts of in the last year. However, the honeymoon was soon over. I still love it and use it with glee, but it’s not the scent that embodies my being every day. Somedays, I feel really preppy. Like I’m toitally together and capable of reworking the world to my liking. Those days I wear Romance by Ralph Lauren. (I should totally do marketing for a cosmetics company). Days when I’m feeling light and tropical (yes pale girls can feel tropical) I wear Miabai, by Chopard. They also make really nice diamonds. On special occasions with M I wear another Chopard scent called Casmir. He really loves it. I like it, and I love that he loves it. I think I’m a little allergic to it though because it always makes me sneeze when I wear it. A small price to pay for smelling good for your man.

M’s family gave me this Bob Mackie scent called Perhaps. It’s not something I’d have picked myself as it’s a really adult fragrance and a lot sweeter than I usually wear. I generally like what they call spicy scents. Still, if I’m going into a situation where I need to be really adlut and posh, but all the etiquette training to the test, it’s a perfect smell.

Finally, my wonderful Chanel. I’ve been wearing Chanel No. 5 since I was 14. I still wear it almost as much as I wear Rush. I think it’s the scent I’ll wear for most of my life. Finally, I wear Allure, also by Chanel. I bought it when I was one my way to Prague for the first time, and as such always think of it as my Prague smell (which is much better than remembering how Prague actually smells…).

Okay, sorry to all the readers for that really dull post… It’s just stuff I think about, and maybe it’s strange that I think about perfume as much as I do, but I’m not the only one (cosmetic producers aside). Everyone should read Perfume by Patrick Suskind. It’s incredible for anyone who has an appreiciation for smell and a facsination with serial killers. I don’t really like the killers, but I suffered them gladly for all the smell stuff.

Perhaps another time I’ll subject everyone to my theories about smell and attraction. Needless to say M smells very good.



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