Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 25, 2002

Woo! Guy

I actually made a note in my phone to remember to write about this guy. Last night M and I went to see The Frames at Akropolis. They’re this really talented band, that M loves and makes a point of seeing them every time they’re in Prague. I’ve seen them twice now, and while they’re not my genre of choice, they’re undeniably talented and a great show. So anyway, we’re a the show and standing right beside us is the Woo! guy. You know the guy I’m talking about. He goes Woo! at inappropriate moments, usually when you’re trying to listen really hard to something the singer is telling you. Sometimes it’s approprite to Woo! at the band. Like in a response, but this fellow (who also seemed to have come to the show to talk to this buddys about how great the show is – which is great dude, but I’m trying to listen to the band sing a really nice slow song and your yapping is tainting the mood) was just givng out random Woo!s. No rhyme or reason. There’s one at every concert. And in some venues you never really notice. Like 2 weeks ago when I saw Jamiroquai at Peagas Arena, I’m sure there were hoards of Woo! guys, but I couldn’t hear much above the bowel shaking bass. The Frames were a much more intimate show, and hence Woo! guy was rather conspicuous. M was pretty much impervious to him, as he is to most things irritating. It’s a very cool skill to have. It’s like irritating things and people just aren’t there.

Concerts are great places to people watch. When Wendy and I went to Jamiroquai, we spent some time talking to eachother, but agreed that we were missing a fantastic people watching experience. In some cases it’s really cool to see people really lose their inhibitions, let go and have a great time. They’re the kind of people that make you feel happy just watching them. I strive to be that person, but conditions have to be pretty much perfect for me to really get down, and if you know me, you know that conditions are rarely perfect. The opposite of the happy people are the “too cool” people. There are some people who simply don’t dance. Which is fine. Everyone is free to express themselves as they see fit. Most people who don’t dance bob their head or tap their toe. It’s clear that they are absorbing the music around them. But there are people who seem to stand still in a form of protest against the music. I don’t get them. Finally there are the people who simply are or go nuts. It’s like the music has possessed them with the spirits of 500 interpretive dancers. There’s one at every show and you can’t begrudge them or mock them as they’re having such a good time and are clearly lost in the musical experience. However, it’s hard to watch without shaking your head. Like last night there was “Tai Chi” guy who, I swear to god, looked like he was doing some sort of disco/martial arts hybrid. I was occasionally hypnotized by his dancing and stopped concentrating on the music. One of the darndest things I’ve seen in awhile.



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