Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 24, 2002

Last post today I swear…

Wendy just passed this on to me in reference to our Saturday night shin-dig.

This is my creed:

Happiness is the only good;

Reason the only torch;

Justice the only worship;

Humanity the only religion;

and Love the only priest.

Robert G. Ingersoll


She says that it sounds like her in many ways, which I’m pretty sure explains why I like her so much. We have further shin-digs planned. Musical nights (which presently features movies that are dealing with the Nazis. Kari has never seen The Sound Of Music and Swing Kids was filmed in Prague. I’ve been informed that I’m being unfairly critical of a movie about people trying to dance their way out of Nazism. I’m sure you’re baffled too.), Make-over nights, Mexican nights, Boys can be so irritating nights (sure to invovle some tacos and tequila) and whatever other reasons we can think of to get together and celebrate our collective greatness.



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