Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 23, 2002

Shame, shame, shame…

Not an emotion I really have a lot, but I’m feeling badly as I forgot to call my best friend Mike on his 26th birthday. It was on Thursday, and he was sweet enough to think that I was just waiting for the weekend to call and wish him the best on his yearly celebration of himself. I remembered that June 20th had come and gone on June 22nd. How much do I suck? I’ll just have to have a party for him when I’m at home visiting…

I remembered that I was the worst best friend ever, when I was having a wonderful dinner with my friends Kari and Wendy. We’d all just finished reading Altas Shrugged, and have all found the book life altering. Wendy and I had both read it before and in fact both consider it our favourite book. It was a nice occassion. We dressed up nicely, had sekt, great food provided by the super-Wendy and conversed about the jackassness of guys (it happens to the best of them) and the merits of greatness, loving your life and the books of Ayn Rand. We also sang a great number of musicals. Truly a magical night. The moon was huge too. We then went out to a couple of cocktail bars, found M on Old Town Square doing some writing and brought him along with us. It was great. I had that same feeling when the four of us went to see Episode II. It was the feeling of “I’m doing something I’m enjoying so much with my favourite people.” It would have been perfect if I could have had Mike there too, but I think the only time I’m going to have all of my favourite people in the same place will be when I get married.

I’m working on getting Kari to move to Toronto with us. She was even looking a journalism jobs at The Globe and Mail. I was seriously touched. I think she could work anywhere she wants now, so all I have to do is teach her how to spell Canadian style and we’re all set. I wouldn’t be against living in the US, but it’s really hard to get work there, and part of me doesn’t want to live in a country that could have been so great. Canada is my home and I’ve accepted that it’s a Social Democracy and there’s not a lot that can be done to fix that. The US could have been a great captialist state, but is instead turning into something more like Canada, and less a place where great people can be free to do great things without government interference and taxation. Wendy says that I’m the most American Canadian she’s ever met. She’s invited me to come and help her defend her consititution when she finishes law school, which I think is pretty cool.

Back on my “yesterday was such an awsome day” kick. I got to swim in a pool yesterday. M’s father had us out to his house in the country and we brought Zeus with us, so he could run around. Things actually went pretty well and I think in 2 or three more visits he’ll be comfortable. M’s Dad and Step-Mom were really helpful with Zeus. M’s dad has an above ground pool, that’s the perfect size for a kid. Dominik, M’s 6 year old half brother, has a ball in it, as he can comfortably touch bottom. Regardless of the depth issues, I had a great time in the pool. Dominik and I played for a very long time and it reminded me of the joys of summer. Laughing and playing in the water, being surrounded by trees with cats playing in the grass near by. It was awsome. M’s family really showed us a great time. Great food too.

Finally, we’re back in the city today and it was 27 degrees at 9 am this morning. Gah. I’m MELLLLTING (in the style of the wicked witch of the west….).



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