Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 21, 2002

The jinx of my support

No I’m not talking about an ill fitting bra. I have this jinx where sports teams I support lose. It didn’t always seem this way. I loved the Bulls for many years and they won a great many games and championships. Aside from that, it seems that my chosen team usually faces the sharp stabbing pain of defeat instead of the joy and exaultation of winning. Notable expections in the last year being the Canadian Olympic team and Bayern Munich. I think the whole curse of my support started in 1993, when I was cheering for Michigan in the NCAA basketball finals. This was the year of the Fab Five, Chris Weber, Jalen Rose and three other freshmen who were starters on a NCAA division 1 team. They were in the final against Duke in the years for Christian Latner, and Chris Weber called for a time out they didn’t have in the dying minutes of the game. It had been a great game too, but the ensuing technical foul made a win for Michigan impossible.

Oh yeah, my point. England lost this morning. As I was leaving for work Rivaldo (one of the Brazilians who only goes by one name… haven’t sorted out if it’s his first or last), scored the equalizing goal. I guess I didn’t hear a great deal of singing and cheering from the Irish pub just down the street from the office so I should have known that our colonizers lost. So now I’m left cheering for the USA, who starts playing about now. I’m also inclined to cheer for Germany and I’m more German than I am American, and German cars are way cooler than US ones… but then an American invented the car… either way I win.

We have one television at work and it’s been moved into the production office so that all the Americans (there are no German’s working here) can watch the game. I’m not sure if I’m going to watch, but just listen for the cheers.

Continuing with my television spree, I watched the MTV movie awards last night. Saw Kelly Osbourne lip synching (would Ozzy approve?), SMG actually singing, Jack Black being…. well Jack Black and feeling badly for the youth of North America. I’m certain that NA is doomed after watching 2 hours of badly written sex jokes interspersed with even worse acting. I’m, of course, not talking about SMG and Black, but all the presenters, the only ones of whom were interesting to watch were Mike Myers, Nataile Portman & Ewan McGreggor. The only acceptance speech I really thought was cute was Reese Witherspoon. Maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety (I don’t really even know what that world means). Still I’m glad I saw it. I love awards shows. I always have and it really betrays my otherwise cool existence (you can believe that if you don’t read all the nerdy Star Wars stuff below). I must give big kudos to Miguel for being such a devout taper for me. That’s friendship… a friend who understands and supports your silly fascinations.



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