Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 20, 2002

It’s never going to be a good day when you get the grey screen of death…

I came into work this morning to write my daily blog, and make just adjustments to my template. As I clicked on the save changes button, my cute little blue iMac crashed in its usual way. When I attempted to restart, I didn’t see the smiling computer, but instead a grey screen. Even for grey it was an espeically boring screen. I attempted to restart again, with no luck. I decided to talk to the IT guy, but found him looking anxiously at his Powerbook, trying to politely tell me that he’ll be awhile as the website doesn’t work (This is a big problem as a newspaper without a webiste is sorely out of date, as I’m sure it will be online again soon you can check it out here). So I returned to my office and turned off the grey screen, unplugged the computer, plugged it in again and restarted. Lo and behold, there was my happy computer face, which was followed by the wonderful Mac OS 9.2 startup screen. The panic of being disconnected from the outside world abated and everything was fine.

Now that that’s out of the way… The predicted break in the heat wave has been postponed until tomorrow. Apparently the rain was needed somewhere else. Yesterday it was something like 33 degrees in the shade. All I want is a lake… I engaged in another viewing spree last night. Four episodes of Angel. M was very happy as he digs the show far more than I do. Not much to say about it. It was nice to watch it, but it really confirmed my preference to Buffy. Maybe it’s a chick thing, or maybe there’s just way too much suffering on Angel.

In other news, I’m beginning my hunt for a Czech version of the Attack of the Clones poster. I figure since I saw it here, I should always remember that by displaying the poster in Czech. I don’t think it will be too hard to get an Episode 1 poster for my collection, but I want that in English anyway. If you want to see some of your favourite movie poster with Czech names and titles head here and have a look at the nuttiness that is Czech. BTW, if anyone is wondering how my Czech is coming, let’s just say I understand a great deal, but get the things that I want and I need through and elaborate series of mimes. It’s not such an effective technique on the phone…



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