Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 19, 2002

Ticked right off…

M and I received the season finales in the mail yesterday, and promtly went off on a 4 hour viewing spree. Considering the unrelenting heat, there wasn’t much else to do. It’s kind of nice having new TV to watch this late in season. We made our way through Friends and Buffy (thanks to M for letting me have my way!). Friends was quite funny, though the baby stuff gave me the total wiggins. People do that to their body on purpose? I’m not to thrilled about the multi-proposal cliff hanger. Rachel just had a baby, give the girl a moment or two to rest!

Buffy. Sigh, Buffy. Decent finale, but nothing can really compare to last year. That was devestating in such a good way. Also, doing the Sarah McL. song thing again was a touch cheese, but only in the respect that nothing can compare to the use of “Full Of Grace” at the end of Season 2.

Things I liked: Dawn and Buffy fighting together. Thank you to the writers for finally letting Dawn grow a little. Anya, everything about Anya. I loved the “I’m blond now.” comment to Giles. Loved Giles. Always do. I squealed with glee when he arrived. Jonathan and Andrew using Star Wars references in common speech. It’s always exciting for a nerd to hear their language spoken. Buffy’s appreciation for life. One of the things that has made me enjoy this season less has been the issues she’s been dealing with. I love Buffy as a hero, but the whole idea of a hero who does not love his/her life is a condradiction. Of course I realize that was the point of showing it. How does a hero deal with this contradiction? I just found watching the character deal with that really painful, hence uninteresting. So yay for loving life and being a hero!

Things I didn’t like: Xander. But that’s nothing new. The whole “world saved by a carpenter” thing was a little stomach turning as was Xander’s usual self-pitying rant about how he’s failed everyone. Blah, blah. It’s great that he got Willow back and kudos for him for being a friend to her. I think the look of admiration Anya had for him when Giles told her that it was Xander who’d saved the day was well deserved. But he still has a long way to go.

Next is Spike. Just stake the Ass already. I’m am so irritated about this soul crap. Of course one can’t evaluate what that means until we find out if this means that he’s William again, or yet another Vampire with a soul. How original… Why does Joss always try to make characters as evil as possible and then create a situation where they’re stripped of accountability for their actions? It was interesting with Angel, because he’s looking for redemption for his crimes. Spike? Can they write this story twice? Needless to say, there will be suffering for him now that he has a soul. Maybe Joss and Co. are trying to expose the hypocrisy of people like me, who liked the character of Angel and his quest for redemption, but who despise Spike as he was introduced to the show as an evil character? Same principles of wrong doing, but from a different angle. It would be like them to do something like that.

I was going to go on a rant about moral principles and the like, but I’ve chilled some. I was going to vow that if Spike and Buffy got together again I’d quit watching the show (I said that to M last night), but I’m just going to wait and see what they do. They’re aware of what’s happened and they’re (they being the writers etc) aware of the dangers of having Buffy forgive Spike for what he tried to do. Rather than foam at the mouth over it, I’m just going to wait and see. It’s not like this is my battle, it’s just a TV show.

In other news, my friend Wendy just lent me a book for my upcoming trip to Budapest. She has this thing for buying books in different langauges. Like getting Peter Rabbit in Japanese. So she just came into my office and lent me the Star Wars Episode 1 encyclopedia in Hungarian. I may not be able to order food, but I will be able to say “May the force be with you.” Useful I’m sure. I’m can now learn about Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Lovag (Knight) and his Fenykardok (light saber). Translations are very fun things.



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