Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 18, 2002

The heat hasn’t broken yet, and I’m getting tired of being slimy.

Summer is such an unproductive time when you don’t have air conditioning. I find myself standing around in banks and hotels trying to cool down. I spent about 15 minutes at the river today, watching a swan try to stay cool in the heat. If it weren’t for all the pollution in the river, I might have jumped in with it. Oh how I miss my Lake Ontario and the frosty climate of my parents house. I’m so much happier when it’s chilly. Further proof of my oddity.

I’m going to miss the World Cup when it’s done. It’s been really nice getting up in the morning and watching it until it’s time to walk to work. I’m not really sure who to cheer for now. I had Ireland in a sweepstakes pool, but they were outsed by Spain. M is cheering for Germany. I’m sure much to the chagrin of his heritage. It makes sense of course, it’s a lot like me cheering for the US. The big country next door. And his EUFA (sp?) team is Bayern. So not such a strech. I think I’ll support the USA and England. Not that I have any particular connection to either country (save my name form the English), but I can at least sing along with their national anthems. Shallow I know, but it was either that or uniform colours…

Things are looking good. Hot, but good. I signed on to the Star Wars message board yesterday and suddenly didn’t feel like the biggest nerd ever. That said, I did feel an incredible urge to post like crazy and discuss with my own kind. I held back in the hope that I may not totally lose my grip on reality. I’ve resolved that I have to spend more time talking to actual people tha people on computers this week. Could be tough. On a sadder note, it seems that Attack of the Clones is no longer playing in Prague with Czech subtitles. Which means that all the copies here are dubbed. I was hoping to see it again in theatres, but I don’t think I can handle it in Czech. Hopefuly it will still be somewhere when I get back to Canada in July. Crossing fingers…



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