Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 17, 2002

It begins. I can only hope there’s a spell checker somewhere… otherwise… my biggest sorrys to the readers.

Today was one of those greviously hot days in Prague. Work was okay, but I’m feeling kind of useless. Matej went out with Evan after work so was left to feed myself. Something I’m totally no good at. I’m a brilliant and talented person, but if I learned to cook that would mean that there’s nothing I can do, which would make me pretty anti-social. i must keep this flaw to stay in touch with society. (Pretty good rationalization for being lazy, no?) Back to point…Thanks to a pasta place on the way home, I’ve been relieved of the responsibility.

I’ve been thinking about Star Wars a lot recently, as I’ve become emersed in the story and lore again. I hope I don’t turn into the ferocious nerd I’ve been in the past. I’m looking forward to getting back to Kingston where I can have a look through all my books and comics (told you…nerd). I was, however, informed last night that comics and novelizations of movies are “cheesy.” This said to me by a man who has a Sandman action figure. Anyway, I’m excited. I’m also suprised at how much I remember from the uber-obsessed years. I guess things like that never really leave your head.

Kari just came back form the states, toting a soon to be discontinued Clinique lipstick and the Buffy season finale. Mike’s tape has yet to arrive, so we’ll see which version I watch first. It’s all about different commercials. I like the US ones because they’re glossy and cute, but then they’re mixed in with stupid things like “Karl’s world of head-cheese” type commercials, which really make me fear returning to North America. The Canadians ones have accents that I’m used to and that quirky Canadian charm that no literate person seems to be able to pin down. Knowing me, I’ll watch them both… a lot.



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